For the people who truly want to explore there are several places where angling can be done. The Majestic Himalayas are an amazing location. To plan for an angling trip you require at least 2-3 days.

We also organize for Angling & Fishing Expeditions all over India depending on your interests.

North India

Corbett National Park has the Ramganga River and Kosi river : The ideal spots would be Betalghat and Chhara. DON’T FORGET to get the PERMISSION from the Divisional Forest officer (DFO) and enjoy Trout, Goonch and Mahseer

The MahaKali River in Uttrakhand is famous for the International Angling Competition and you can also enjoy Night fishing here.

In Himachal Pradesh you get the Golden mahseer and the Brown Trout, Catfish, Rohu and Catla in the Tirthan valley Angling Reserve.

Down South

In Karnataka you get to fish in the Kaveri river. No harm is done to the fishes as they are caught and then freed . To fish here a license is required from the Coorg Wildlife Association though.

In J & K you see the German Brown and Rainbow Trout but not more than 6 fishes can be caught and these too have to be left else it is a crime to fish in the state as declared by the Directorate of Fisheries in Srinagar

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are famous for Saltwater Fishing and you would find fishing buffs in Havelock Islands

Lakswadeep is also an ideal fishing spot along with other water-sports like surfing, kayaking, Scuba diving and canoeing.

The hill station of Munnar is a beautiful place in Kerela – also known as God Own country you can enjoy Sardines, Pomfret, Tuna and Mackrel from October to March.

Up North East

The state of Assam is a Paradise for enthusiast starting October to April you get to fish Golden Mahseer, Saal, Gorua, Korang and Boka. Some of these fishes are not to be messed with. The State Forestry Department also organizes Annual Angling competition in the month of November.

Take a 5-hour drive from beautiful Shillong and you reach Ranikor in Meghalaya.