If you have heard of “Malana Cream” then you must know where Malana is. For the one who don’t this is a village tucked away in Himachal and the villager claim to have pure Aryan genes and that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers. They also claim that their God, Jamlu, forbids them from eating, staying or marrying outside their community. Cannabis culture and India have an ancient bond. Also known as Shiva’s prasad some Indian states have government-licensed bhang shops which is enjoyed during the festival of Holi. The government however is not in support of legalizing it.

If you want to experience the best of “Charas” this is the place. Do not expect luxurious accommodation and be prepared for a good trek of 45 mins-60 mins (depending on your fitness level). there are different options to trek to Malana village. you can first go to Chalal and trek from there. The other and more easier way is to get down closer to the Dam location and trek for 45 mins approx to reach the village.


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