For Adventure lovers ladakh is a region which has oppurtunities for unlimited Treks and captivates visitors. The magical charm and beauty of the region and it’s picturesque mountain peaks, blue lakes and variety of challenging trails, all welcome the adventurer in you. During the summers the temperatures are pleasant while the winters are harsh and heavy snowfall cuts off the entire region from the rest of the world.

Zanskar river is frozen even though its a big and fast flowing. Between Chilling and Zanskar valley the river flows through a steep canyon and gives an opportunity to try the Chadar trek. If you are scared to think of walking over inches of frozen ice with a large back pack in the cold with water flowing below then you are not the only one who is terrified. The entire trek takes more than a week and with an option to halt in the caves in the canyon walls along with your porters is a wonderful experience. This Frozen river trek in Ladakh entices Trekkers from around the world who are ready to face the challenge of trekking through the snowy rocks and boulders besides the river. The tempreture during the day varies between 15 to 20 degrees and -25 to -35 degrees (during the night) so dont forget to carry your best woolens.