Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature and sharing the warmth of its people. You can carry your own gear along or opt for any one of the several camps that are pitched in various parts of the State.

Our Camps in Rishikesh offer accommodation, catering and variety of activities like Trekking, Hiking, Fishing, Nature-tours and Rafting. Most of these offer quality Facilities and services.

Far from the maddening crowd, away from the hustle & bustle of daily activities, this is the place you can lie down on the silver sands of the beaches of the holy River Ganga in Rishikesh, breathe in the pristine mountain air and absorb the spiritual ambiance that has energized the Rishis (Sages) and Tapasvis (Ascetics) of ages past. The peace and beauty raises you to an eternal summit.

The camps are situated along the Beaches of the might Ganga. Twin sharing Alpine and Deluxe tents and eco- friendly Dry toilets and attached toilet facilities are provided. In the camp entertainment includes outdoor activities like Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Bird -watching, Star-gazing, Frisbee, Softball, Rounders, Swimming, Camp bonfire as well as cultural programmes on special request.
Food : The food in the Camps is a healthy blend of hygienic Indian & Western cuisine.

Jungle Camping