The history of kayaking goes back to the Inluit and Aleut tribes of
Arctic America who were the first people to build and use kayaks.
Then there were two basic kinds of kayaks : one was built with light wood
, while the other was made by stretching animal skins over frames of whalebone.
These tribes used Whale fat to waterproof the vessels.

The word ‘Kayak’ actually means hunter’s boat , ideal for huntinf because of its stealth nature.

The kayak found its way to Europe in the early 1800s as a soft sided frame boat
and the Germans and French men soon began Kayaking for sport and thrill.
In 1936 the Olympics included Kayak races in the Berlin Games. The United States began to get on board too.
By 1970 kayaking began to move to the mainstream sport. Now the Olympic Games feature more than 100 different white-water kayak events.

We offer a basic 3 day course before a kayak can be taken into the Ganges by our enthusiast Kayaks.
The course is about the fundamental training for kayaking safely in the river by giving informative lectures , a flat water session to develop
your basic paddling skills etc.
This course is for those who have some prior experience in Kayaking, however with no experience , good balance , a will to learn you must be able to swim well.

Price – 4000 per person ( For 3day course)
*Pickup and drop from your Hotel duting the course is inclusive.