Auli is the heaven for Skiing. 16 km from Joshimath an ideal winter getaway which provides a long slope. The major resort is run by GMVN.
there are snow beaters which keep the slopes fit for skiing. A 500 m long cable cab takes enthusiasts to the top of the slope saving the time. Each time you come down your confidence and experience increases and you enjoy it even more.

Best Season is End December to March. Modern Ski equipment is provided by GMVN but do carry heavy woolen clothing like caps, socks, gloves, mufflers, pullovers, trousers, wind proof jackets, dark glasses, gum/snow boots and a torch.

GMVN also conducts Skiing courses of duration 7-14 days at Auli and qualified instructors are available during these times. The courses let you experience the thrills of the sport keeping the safety in mind and ensures that you get hooked on to this marvellous sport. Pick up different skills on slopes and enjoy the varying gradients. You can truly experience the laws of gravity which help you slide down the slope with the skis the beautiful white snow slopes are a sight to be remembered.

To Book you Skiing Experience kindly contact us at 09560956369.