A High Altitude Heavenly Desert
The land of Ladakh is a mesmerizing place located in Jammu and Kashmir

Everything in Nainital needs to be remembered and locked down in an isolated corner of your heart so it never leaves you. Every sight you see and every memory you make here is completely and entirely different and you wouldn’t want to lose them. And the best way to cherish each and every moment you spend here is by travelling like a local.  And here is how you can do it :-

  1. Do not go in the summers – Between the months of April and July every human being living in a city would just want to get rid of his work and escape to some place relaxing. Yes, it is the best time to evade the city and seek refuge in the lap of the mountains but it is also the time when the hotels would loot you and wouldn’t even feel bad about it. You would have to pour a lot of money just to enjoy a trip that wouldn’t even last a week. Also, Nainital is like a stuffed up burger in the summers and believe me you don’t want to be at a peaceful spot with extrovert bothering you at every point and you wouldn’t enjoy the trip at all. So, DO NOT GO IN THE SUMMERS.
  2. Walk the Mall Road – The Mall Road is probably the most famous place in Nainital after the lake but it is undoubtedly the busiest. With most of the people in their cars or on their bikes, walking up the doad would be a very exceptional experience for anyone. Majorly because as you walk you would breathe in the fresh smell of the pine and deodar and the cold breeze from the lake would kiss your face. On your right would be the busy market and on your left would be the lake surrounded by a range of green mountains.
  3. Explore the caves – Walking further you will find a place named “Cave Garden” and as soon as you see it just run up to it and get yourself a ticket. Dont even think about it because this is something you would want to see again and again. The Cave garden is, well, a garden of caves of different animals like lion, foxes and the apes and that is just not it. This place offers some of the best views of the resort town which makes it a must visit spot.
  4. Head to the Tiffin Top – The Tiffin Top is at an altitude of 2290 meters on Ayarpatta hills and offers a 360 degree view of Nainital. It is a popular picnic spot and is 4 kms from the Mall Road. If you’re already tired from the long walk you can get a pony to the Dorothy’s seat which is another name for Tiffin Top. And…well I don’t feel the need to say anymore. It should already be in your bucket list.
  5. Boating!!!!! – Really? Does this really need an explanation? Well if it’s that necessary then all I would say is that it is cherry on the icing. And I would recommend doing it at the end of your trip. It will be worth the wait.