The high mountains and verdant valleys of Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, and other Himalayan regions, particularly, beautiful and elevating Laddakh are just the places to explore on foot. The dreams of avid trekkers come true here. Walk the untrodden paths far away from the madding crowd.

Come, nature itself invites you to enjoy.

For people considering a first time trek in the Indian Himalayas, Adventure Factory provide some superb opportunities. Trekking brings you into direct contact with Nature, and different kinds of people. It also helps to understand the importance of preserving the mountain environment. As such, Adventure Factory is an organisation working for eco-friendly nature tourism.
Himalayas in the Uttarnchal & Himachal region have vast tracks of hitherto protected reseves of culture stunning panoramas of earth water and skies and vital linkages with India’s religious heritage. We the Adventure Factory Offers various low and high altitude treks like.


Delhi * Jardwar * Rishikesh * Joshimath * Govindghat Bhyundar * Valley of Flowers * Hardwar


Delhi * Hardwar * Kadukhal * Osla * Har Ki Doon * Chitkul * Kalpa * Chali * Hardwar.
Delhi * Hardwar * Taluka * Osla * Har Ki Doon Hanuman Chatti * Yamunotri * Uttarkashi Hardwar


Delhi * Hardwar * Barkot * Hanuman Chatti * Dodital Agara * Uttarkashi * Hardwar.


Delhi * Hardwar * Guttu * Lower Tali Bugyal * Panwali Bugyal * Hardwar.

ROOPKUND (Raj Jat yatra)

Delhi * Hardwar * Nandpryag * Ghat * Homekund Shai Samudra * Roop Kund * Bagubassa * Mandoli Gwaldam


Delhi * Hardwar * Chali * Kullu * Manali * Rohtang Pass * Serchu * Pang * Upshi * Leh.
Hardwar * Corbett Park * Nainital * Ranikhet Almora * Kausani * Baijnath * Karnprayag * Srinagar * Byasi * Rishikesh * Hardwar.

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, there’s plenty of excitement for you too. Apart from the rare and exotic flora and fauna you’ll encounter on a camping trip to any region, there’s also a vast no. of national parks and reserved forests where you can set up base. So spend the night in a machaan up in a tree waiting to unbue the invigorating sight of a predator on the prowl. Or spend hours spotting rare species of binds and insects and capturing them for posterity with your lens eye . or in your minds eye. You can spend days in the jungle taking in the rare sights and sounds and soaking up the wild (literally ) atmosphere . And you wouldn’t even notice time fly.