7 most amusing trips to go for, before turning 30!

7 most amusing trips to go for, before turning 30!

So, here is the most interesting list of 7 amusing trips, one must go through before they turn thirty, and jot down some new memories into your younger life, which will definitely make you smile and laugh harder at your Fifty’s, that’s being your elder life. 
Here it goes:

ANDAMAN (Scuba Diving)

Andaman scuba diving

Plunging into 12 to 18 feet, deep into the flanked beach, and then a sudden transportation to a hidden mysterious water kingdom, after a while long swim between diverse water species and flora and fauna’s is actually a trip you should go for, before you turn thirty. This would be one of the trip, in which you find some very hidden secrets about life, that you think would’nt exist.

NILGIRIS (Cycling Trip)

Nilgiris ccling trip

Loved those insane cycle rides, and those low air stands with cycles, full of energy and stamina, then the cycling tour of Nilgiris are one of the widest and longest tour best suited for live life. And this trek is something can be done before thirtees mostly due to excess need to stamina.

RAJASTHAN TRIP (On bikes and bullets)

Rajasthan trip on bikes and bullets

Riding on the nostalgic roads of this place, full of hard core desert and rugged muds, taking trip to Rajasthan on bullets is something adventurous and get enamoured by unique landscapes of muda all round.

BHANGARH FORT ( A haunted place)

Bhangarh, a haunted place

Bhangarh fort, most scariest place in India, have a folklore of obliteration of an entire town of people in a day and when you can watch scary horror movies, then why not have a visit to this place before you turn 30. Dont worry! Supernatural things here are said to occur at night and in night, no visitors are allowed there. So go ahead and take a new experience.

AULI (Skiing adventure)

Auli Skiing adventure

In the crusted Himalayan Mountains of Uttaranchal, Auli is sought as one of the most elegant place to learn as well as live while skiing in the younger time of your life. The treks covered with conifers and oak forests, makes you to cheers your life once more.

LADAKH (Yak Safari)

Ladakh Yak Safari

You all have some experience on riding on horses, elephants and camels, so time to take an offbeat, extra adventure experience of riding over this wolvy creature, between those icy glacial valleys and snowy mountains.

RISHIKESH (Rafting & Camping)

Rishikesh Rafting

This is the best place to indulge oneself in adventurous sports such as rafting and this is the place full of awesomeness for this sport. Get raft upon frothing water between the mysterious kind of shores and gufas will not only increase your love for life and would make you glad in older to complete it before your thirtees.

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