Tehri… an upcoming tourist destination

Tehri… an upcoming tourist destination

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Tehri is one of India’s upcoming tourist destinations. It is situated in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal area. The fact that the Tehri Lake which is one of the biggest lakes in India makes it a beautiful place. Travelers feel at ease and refreshed by the magnificent sight of the clear lake.

This mountain area is also famous for temples, adventure sports and short hikes which are mentioned below if you plan a visit to this unknow tourist place.

Surkhanda Devi Temple :

This temple is one of India’s 51 holy Shakti Peeths and forms a triangle with the temples of Chandrabadani and Kunjapuri. The scenic view from the temple is beautiful and will lift your spirits. It’s a fantastic trekking adventure to try, and when you arrive at the temple, don’t forget to learn about the mythological legend of Lord Shiva and his wife Sati, which led to the establishment of 51 Shakti Peeths spread across India

Kunjapuri Devi Temple :

Numerous visitors visit this important holy site throughout the year, especially during the ‘Navratras’ (April and October). During the Dussehra festival, large celebrations are held.

The heavenly triangle of the temples is related to a well-known myth about Sati, a young Daksha Prajapati girl who committed suicide by self-immolation at the same location. Lord Shiva then took Sati’s body and started walking into the Himalayas. In order to honor them as Siddha Peeths, the locations where her dead body’s fragments fell are called as Kunjapuri, Surkanda Devi, and Chandrabadani.

Tehri is well known for being a popular location for now getting popular for adventure sports and trekking. There are various well-known treks that have beginning sites in New Tehri, Nagtibba, etc.

Starting from New Tehri, hikes can be taken to Kanatal, Kunjapuri, Panvali, Kantha, Sehastra Taal, Khait Parvat, Surkanda Devi, Maithiyana Devi, etc.

Additionally, the district holds a lot of large and local fairs, which are the ideal opportunities to learn about the music, dancing, and crafts of the area. The most well-known celebrations include Lakhawar Mela, Chandrabadani Fair, Surkanda Devi Fair, and others. The cuisine of Tehri is distinct from that of other parts of India and is famous for its liberal use of pulses.

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